Applied Nutrition Critical Cuts (32Pcs)

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Applied Nutrition’s Critical Cuts is the complete cutting stack to support your weight loss plan. Critical Cuts comes as 32 perfectly dosed packs each containing 7 different capsules to be taken each day for enhanced weight loss results.


In your daily pack you’ll find… a thermogenic complex (red cap) and a metabolic complex (green cap) to boost your metabolism… a thyroid complex (purple cap) to support thyroid function and energy production… a diuretic complex (blue cap) to increase water excretion, decrease bloating and help you achieve a super shredded look… a no-otropic complex (black cap) for laser focus that keeps your head in the game… a cortisol inhibiting complex (white cap) for reducing cortisol production to maintain optimal muscle building conditions in your body… and a bonus bioavailability complex (yellow cap) containing the patented Bioperine and other natural extracts to help your body absorb all of the other Critical Cuts formulas more efficiently.

Nutritional Information Per Serving (1 Pack)
Thermogenic Complex (Red Capsule) 635mg
– Caffeine 235.8mg
– Kola Nut Extract 100mg
– Guarana 90mg
– Yerba Mate Extract 75mg
– Raspberry Ketone 40mg
– Coleus Forskholii 20mg
– Evodia Extract 10mg
Metabolic Complex (Green Capsule) 535mg
– Green Tea Extract 160mg
– Oolong Tea Extract 100mg
– Black Tea Extract 90mg
– Coffee Bean Extract 75mg
– White Tea Extract Polyphenols 40mg
Thyroid Complex (Purple Capsule) 555mg
– L-Tyrosine 150mg
– Olive Leaf Extract 110mg
– Salvia Officinalis Extract 90mg
Diuretic Complex (Blue Capsule) 545mg
– Dandelion Tarax Extract 156mg
– Uva Ursi Leaves Powder 156mg
– Hydrangea Root Extract 10:1 27mg
– Buchu Leaves Powder 27mg
– Juniper Berry 23mg
– Celery Extract Powder 7mg
Nootropic Complex (Black Capsule) 540mg
– DMAE Bitartrate 200mg
– Bacopa Leaf Extract 120mg
– TeaCrine™ 50mg
– Huperzine A Extract 1% 10mg
Cortisol Inhibiting Complex (White Capsule) 500mg
– Ashwaganda Extract 100mg
– Rhodiola Rosea Extract 60mg
– Phosphatidyl L-serine (contains Soy) 50mg
– Magnolia Bark Extract 10:1 30mg
Bioavailability Complex (Yellow Capsule) 500mg
– Ginger Root Extract 55mg
– Cayenne Fruit Extract 40mg
– Grapefruit Extract 10mg
– Naringin (Citrus) Extract 6mg
– Quercetine 6mg
– Bioperine® 5mg



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